Why Mabel Home Cast iron

 Cast iron saucepans and frying-pans oer healthy and delicious food selections for your kitchen. 


1-Thermal conduction of  cast iron saucepans are perfect, therefore there will be no heat difference between its bottom and lateral parts. Equal heat distribution is provided for all parts of the saucepan. Homogeneous cooking is provided due to the fact that the same heat rate is distributed to the absolute amount of food current in the pan.


2-Due to the fact that it distributes the heat equally as well as rapidly, it is possible to perform a good cooking with lower heats in shorter times.


3-Food does not stick and burn inside the pan and saucepans.


4-It provides supremacy in terms of cooking meat products. Meat does not lose its delight. Surfaces of pans prevent hands from being burned. It is also possible to cook meat with grilled-taste.


5-Vapor originated within the saucepan concentrates thanks to the special   lid and is remixed with the food; not only it provides wonderful aroma and savor, but it also protects nutritive value of the food and enables you to cook more healthy foods.


6-Internal and external surfaces of the saucepans and pans are enameled. Enamel prevents the saucepans from rust. No bacterial growth is observed.


7- Mabel Home Cast iron saucepans and pans can be used on every kind of stoves. It is also possible to use them in furnaces. Thanks to its enamel layer, induction stoves are not scratched. It shall not be used in microwave ovens.


Mabel Home Cast iron Quality


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