What is the difference of Mabel Baby Products

What is the difference of Mabel Baby Products?


We have 4 different type of Baby Products and it is all for your lovely babies and Kids. Every Kid or their parent have a chance to pick their sleeping pillow or comforter. Here you can check the difference of our products.

All of our products comes with special Gift Bags as you can see on pictures.




Dacron Pillow and Comforter, Breathable and Eco-Friendly:


*Technology more eco-friendly than the environment itself!

* Contribute to environment sustainability with ultra-efficient washing and twice as fast drying time.

*With its breathing porous structure, Dacron can be washed at low temperature and dries faster than regular polyester, reducing energy Consumption.

*All our products filled with Dacron branded fibres carry a Brand Label with an exclusive number certificates that the product has been manufactured under licence and meets strict Dacron quality standarts.




Suprelle Pillow or Comforter with Eco Label Certificate:


*İt s like sleeping wrapped in a blanket of Natural Flora! İt s produced from Eucalyptus fibers, suprelle provides completely Natural and refreshing sleep.

*The Thin, soft tree fibers give a natural touch and proven to provide superior moisture management.%100 Natural, it does not contain Polyster.

*Suprelle filling fibres have passed strict tests which guarantee their enviromental performance, durability and get the ECO LABEL award.

*The fibre filling of the product provides improved air circulation, which helps prevent humidity from building up and creates an pleasant micro-climate.


Rosalie Bamboo Pillow or Comforter Naturally Soft and Antimicrobial:


*Warning! Pandas may invade your Home and try eating your pillow and comforter.

* Our Bamboo pillow and comforter are made of Natural Bamboo fiber that naturally prevents bacteria development.

*it provide good moisture control with its breathing structure and ultra-thin Bamboo viscose fiber. Containing natural bamboo fiber: the natural organic properties of bamboo are a perfect choice for extra sensitive skin of Babies.




Emily Wool Pillow and Comforter:


*As Natural as the wool our mothers used and easy to use.

*Easy to Wash, it s ideal for those who are wool fans.

*The resistant natüre and high moisture absorption of Wool products, made from %100 from World fomous WOOLMARK brand natural wool, help create a comfortable sleep. 

*it is Anti-Allergic for Babies.


So, now please go head and pick which one is for you org o head and but one each and try our quality and we are sure that you will not regret it.